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Stupid White Men

On the basis that anything that generated such a number of completely polarized reviews on Amazon had to be worth a look, I spent some of my Xmas book tokens on a copy of Micahel Moore's book Stpuid White Men.

To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with it. He doesn't seem to have made up his mind if he is being serious or satirical. He switches between the two styles so frequently that it completely undermines his serious points, as you keep asking 'Is this meant to be a joke?', and makes his jokes look stupid, as you keep asking 'He can't be serious, can he?'

Whilst some of the chapters are excellent and full of well-researched facts and cogent argument (A Very American Coup, One Big Happy Prison, Democrats DOA, Tallahassee Hi-Ho), others are frankly crap (Dear George, Nice Planet, Nobody Home, The End Of Men).

He may know his stuff when it comes to US politics, but like many other citizens of Gods Own Country™, he knows stuff all about anywhere else. His views on Northern Ireland are at best naive, and at worst show blatant regligious bigotry. He says in the book that he is a Catholic, and he trots out all the crap the IRA have been feeding the US Catholic community for the last 50 years (and I say that as someone who was brought up as a Catholic).

His views on BSE ("Mad Cow Disease") are equally laughable - "The scariest threat the human race has ever faced. Worse than AIDS" Really? Just how may confirmed deaths have there been from BSE versus AIDS? This really is an utterly idiotic statement that doesn't stand up to even the slightest scrutiny, and there are lots more of them in the book. And oh, Michael - even if the devil himself cooked your hamburger, it wouldn't destroy those prions!

I wouldn't recommend this book. Sorry.

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Here's Hares!

Mountain hare

Went out on Ranger patrol today, up from Far Blacks, Grinah Stones, Bleaklow Stones, Near Bleaklow Stones then back down Near Blacks. The area at the top of the 3 Blacks (White Stones/Bleaklow Meadows) was swarming with mountain hares - I counted 25 in about 1 hour. One of the other Rangers in the Crowden area saw loads as well. There was snow on the ground 2 weeks ago, so they are in their pure white winter coats, so they stood out a mile. So much for them being rare!