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One of Mark's drawings - no idea where he gets his artistic bent from. I wonder if the Tate Gallery is interested?

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Kids today...

James' class has 'mountains' as their class topic this term, so on Wednesday I had the pleasure of accompanying about thirty nine and ten year olds on a mini-expedition up onto the moors surrounding Glossop.

I'm no athlete, but I was pretty shocked at how unfit some of the kids were - I doubt they ever get more excercise than the walk between the car and the classroom - or more probably McDonalds. It was also obvious that a lot of them had never been off a pavement in their lives, despite the fact we live surrounded by the UKs largest National Park. I can't blame the kids, who all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but I do wonder what health problems we are storing up for the next generation.

During the trip us adults took great care to explain about the various landscape features and natural history, and the different ways the moors had been used and managed over the centuries to the kids. After the trip the kids were asked to write 'thank-you' letters to the adults who helped out, and today Chris came back from picking the kids up with mine - I was interested to see which aspect the kids had remembered most. Here is one of the letters:

Dear Mr. Burlison

Thank you for your time. I like you because you let us see exciting things like the dead sheep. My best bit was the dead sheep too, a lot of people liked that too. I had a good time. I hope you did.

So it seems like a trip down the local abattoir would have been sufficient!

Stopping worms cluttering up your Apache logs

Fed up of 90% of your Apache log entries being failed requests for root.exe, cmd.exe and default.ida (caused by the Nmidia worm)? Here's how to stop it, put the following in your httpd.conf:

# Ignore worms
SetEnvIf        Request_URI "/(cmd\.exe|root\.exe|default\.ida)$" DontLog
RewriteEngine   on
RewriteCond     %{REQUEST_URI}  "/(cmd\.exe|root\.exe|default\.ida)$"
RewriteRule     ^.*$    - [forbidden]

and on your CustomLog line, append !DontLog, so it looks like this:

CustomLog               /var/apache/logs/access_log common env=!DontLog

The SetEnvIf and DontLog bits stop the request showing up in your access_log, and the Rewrite bits stop the failed request showing up in your error_log, as well as returning a 403 FORBIDDEN to the requesting PC.

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