Still looking for information on the "Moors for the future" project

Despite my best efforts I have still failed to find a website for the "Moors for the future" project, however I have found a couple of interesting links on the English Nature website:

Ring-fencing Bleaklow's 'desert' This explains the rationale behind the "Great Fence of Bleaklow" and some of the steps being taken by the MFTF project to repair the centuries of damage suffered by Bleaklow.

No moor fires This was published just after the Easter fires, and describes the damage to the 744 hectares of affected moorland (actually 743.6 hectares, mapped out by your truly), and the steps that have been taken to help extinguish any future fires.

I also found this link, which is the original press release for the project, and is the source of some of the other (limited) reports on what is work is being done.

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