Oooh.. New toy... Shiny...

Flushed with success after my recent Paint Shop Pro exploits, I decided that in the interests of avoiding RSI I needed something better than a mouse to draw with, so I bought a cheap (~ £60.00) A4 tablet, a Trust 1200. This makes drawing much easier, after the initial clumsiness caused by switching from a relative-position mouse to an absolute-position pen. I've also explored some of the more arcane features of PSP - the 'paint with a texture' feature is a complete waste of time, but being able to control line thickness , colour intensity or a host of other features by varying the amount of pressure on the pen is a real boon. I've also noticed that heavy use of the warp brush makes PSP unstable, and it crashed a couple of times and didn't get better until I rebooted - Doncha just love Windoze. Anyway, I was fiddling around to see how I could enhance the following not very inspiring photo:

And kinda got carried away and ended up with this:

However, compared to some of the digital art (created from scratch) that I have seen on the web, my effort looks a bit second rate. Never mind, it kept me amused for a while :-)

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