More Dark Peak pictures

I've been so busy over the last few months that I haven't managed to get out walking anything like as often as I would like. However over the last two weeks I have managed to get out on a couple of family walks, and a Ranger patrol as well. The weather has been glorious on both weekends, so I've managed to grab a few photos.

Longdendale Longdendale Mount Skip
View from the top of Didsbury Intake, looking east down the Longdendale valley over Torside reservoir. View from the top of Didsbury Intake, looking west down the Londgendale valley over (left to right) Rhodeswood, Valehouse and Bottoms reservoirs. View from the southern edge of Mount Skip, looking towards Tintwistle Knarr
Crowden laddow Rakes Rocks, Laddow
View over Crowden from Oaken Clough (by Laddow Rocks). In the background is the Bleaklow plateau, the two prominent gullies dissecting the edge of the plateau are Shining Clough to the left and Wildboar Clough to the right. View of Laddow Rocks from the top of Oaken Clough. The rocks are over 200 ft high - note the two tiny figures on the top, who are on the Pennine way. View up Crowden Great Brook from Black Tor. The nearest rocks are Rakes Rocks, and in the background are Laddow Rocks.
Lads Leap Didsbury Intake Valehouse reservoir
View from Lad's Leap over Torside Reservoir, with Torside Clough behind. The Pennine Way climbs up along Torside Clough onto the Bleaklow plateau in the background. View of Didsbury Intake from the south side of Valehouse reservoir. The first two photos in this entry were taken from above the rocks you can see in the centre of the skyline. View eastwards along Valehouse reservoir, from the dam wall. On the left is Tintwistle Knarr and Robinson's Moss.
Rhodeswood reservoir Pony
View eastwards along Rhodeswood reservoir (the next one upstream in the chain from Valehouse). The skyline to left of centre is Highstones Rocks, below which lies a small Roman fort. One of the residents of Deepclough, on the south side of Valehouse reservoir.
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