UFO lands on Bleaklow...

Bleaklow weather station

The Bleaklow plateau has a history of sightings of strange lights and even UFOs - however, this isn't one :-) I for one think over-active imaginations are far more likely to be the cause than little green men.

I stumbled across this last week, and it is is in fact a weather station belonging to the University of Manchester. The data it collects is being used to monitor the effects of the weather on peat erosion, according to the information board on the side. It looked quite unearthly appearing through the mist - now autumn is here Bleaklow is reverting to its more normal climate of mist and rain.

I'm not saying exactly where it is because it was damaged at the last location it was in, hopefully that won't happen here (wherever that is ! ;-)

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Re: UFO lands on Bleaklow...

They Landed saw how damp it was and went back after deciding no life would bother existing on a planet like this. Another alien invasion averted.