Nature's Henry Moore

Barrow Stones

I was out on patrol today with John, a trainee Ranger, and our route took us to Barrow Stones, somewhere I haven't been for a while. John was quite taken with the weathered gritstone rocks at both Grinah Stones and Barrow Stones, and commented that the one above particularly reminded him of a Henry Moore sculpture, and I think he is right.

Unfortunately some mindless moron has inscribed a large 'S' and '2003' 1 inch into the surface of the rocks just out of shot using a hammer and chisel. Quite exactly why they felt this was an OK thing to do I have no idea - if they did it to a building it would be classed as criminal damage and they would be liable to prosecution, and I see no reason why this vandalism should be treated any differently. It has taken since the last Ice Age for these rocks to weather into their current form, yet some selfish idiot seems to think it is OK to hack lumps out of them. Bah.