Bilberry sunset

Bilbery Sunset Bilbery Sunset

The car is in the garage at the moment, so this afternoon we all squeezed ourselves into the Peugot 106 courtesy car the garage had lent us and struggled our way over Holme Moss to Digley and Bilberry reservoirs for a quick walk. As we got to the bottom end of Bilberry reservoir the sun was setting over Black Hill, with the clouds giving the most glorious salmon sky which was reflected in the reservoir below. I haven't modified the photos whatsoever, the sky really was that colour!

Bilberry reservoir was the scene of a disaster on 5th of February, 1852 when the dam gave way and flooded the valley below, including the nearby town of Holmfirth. 81 people lost their lives, and there was a vast amount of damage to houses and the many mills that lined the valley. At the moment however, Digley reservoir which is the lower of the pair is very low, as are all the reservoirs in the area, due to the extremely dry autumn that we have had.

After our jaunt around the reservoir we finished up at Compos Cafe, a Holmfirth fish and chip emporium that is themed around the long-running TV series Last of the Summer Wine which is filmed in and around Holmfirth. The show is the longest running sitcom in the UK, and has been blighting the airwaves for 30 years. For those of you not from these shores, the basic plot revolves around the various (mis)adventures of a bunch of old gits who get up to mischief in scenic surroundings. The chippy is festooned with photos of the cast (several of whom are now dead), which is a bit disconcerting, but the food is good and more than compensates for the somewhat unique theme of the place.

After eating we battered our way back up Holme Moss, stopping briefly at the summit to look at the "Dragon Towers", otherwise know as the TV and radio masts at Holme Moss and Emley Moor. The dragon reference is a fanciful comparison of the red anti-collision lights on both masts to the eyes of dragons - Look, I've got young kids, OK? :-)

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