Windy wrecks walk

As I said in my last entry, there was an article in The Times newspaper about the aircraft wrecks walk on Bleaklow, and as a result we had a larger than usual turnout so we split into two groups, with myself, Jean and Rachel taking the second group of 10 people. To say that it was windy today was an understatement, and the wind chill made it feel a lot colder than it actually was. The article in The Times made it sound like we were going to take the easy route from Snake summit, whereas we actually walked up from Glossop, which I think gave some people a bit of a nasty surprise. It didn't rain and we got back with the same number of people we set out with, plus everyone thanked us so I guess it must have been a success!

Whilst we were out, Andy and Mark, two of the full-timers, were over at Glossop Low loading heather bales into lift bags for next week's helicopter lift, so I think we got the easier deal.

I've also come across some more National Park-related information, namely the above press release, the new environmental website that the Peak District National Park has set up, the DEFRA website for the CROW act, the CROW act itself and the report describing the remedial work already carried out on the Pennine Way.