A cave and some good pub grub

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Graham and Shirley, were up over the weekend for a pre-christmas visit and general family gossip, and yesterday we went to Castleton to go down the Blue John cavern. Blue John is a semiprecious form of fluorspar which has been mined since Roman times, and is found nowhere else other than Castleton - as far as I know the Blue John cavern is the only remaining source, all the others having being worked out years ago. We have been down several times, but Shirley and Graham hadn't been before. After that we went for a very blowy walk along the landslipped road at the foot of Mam Tor before heading off to The Lamb Inn on the A624 between Chinley and Hayfield for a most excellent meal - the banana-filled crepes with bananna ice-cream were superb. Yum-yum :-)