It's Hare again

For a bit of a change I decided that for today's patrol I'd park up at Snake Summit and walk down Lady Clough to where it joins Ashop Clough, walk up the Snake Path to Ashop Head the back along the Pennine Way to Snake summit - a nice leisurely walk. After getting off the road I dropped into Lady Clough woods:

Lady Clough

There used to be a lovely walk along the banks of Lady Clough and when Mark was a toddler it was one of his favorite places. Unfortunately we had some bad floods in 2002, and it damaged the footpath quite badly. In particular the footbridge over Lady Clough was undercut by the water, and in some places the river changed course and swept the path away. The woodland is owned by the Forestry Commision, and I must say I'm very disappointed in them, after nearly two years the bridge is still not repaired and rather than repairing the old footpath they've chosen to reroute it through a thick part of the woodland, cutting down trees to make a new path. It's not been used very heavily and already it is a muddy morass in places. 0 out 0f 10, Forestry Commision!

Once I got to the confluence of Lady Clough and Adhop Clough I turned right and headed up Ashop Clough to the old shooting cabin at Upper Gate Clough, where I had lunch.

Upper Gate Clough cabin

There used to be lots of these shooting cabins all over the Dark Peak, and they were used to shelter and feed the gentry who came to shoot the grouse. Most of the moors were closed to the public until the National Park was formed in 1951, and in fact confrontations between Gamekeepers and Ramblers were common, culminating in the Kinder mass trespass in 1932. Most of them are now derelict either due to neglect or because they have been pulled down, although a few still survive (not this one though!)

My original plan was to walk up the Snake Path to Ashop Head and then back along the Pennine Way. However I had bags of time, so I decided I'd sneak up Kinder (I hope none of the Hayfield or Edale Rangers read this, as Kinder is their patch! :-) I made my way up the line of Grouse butts that lead towards Fairbrook Naze, and as I was getting my breath back, er - admiring the view I mean, about half way up, I noticed this Mountain Hare a few yards away.

Mountain hare

It looked distinctly unconcerned, so I slowly crept as close as I could to it without it running away. It is around this time of year that the hares begin their nuptuals, and they become a lot more active and visible. I saw this one and one other, but one of the other rangers out on patrol on Bleaklow had counted in excess of 60 today. The hares were introduced for sport (i.e. shooting) in the 1830's, and they seem to have thrived. Most of the other introductions iin the UK have failed, so this is the most southerly outpost of this species. They are the same animal that you see in all those Arctic nature programs being chased by Arctic Foxes.

Mountain hare

I got to within about 10 feet, and at that point I judged that from the quizzical look he he was giving me I'd got as close as he was going to allow. I'd have liked to have got a better shot, but my camera has only a fairly weedy zoom. Once up on the top I walked westwards along The Edge (the northern edge of Kinder is called 'The Edge', and it is in fact the edge of the plateau - all very confusing).

Kinder Northern Edge

Carrying along the edge of The Edge (see, I said it was confusing!) past Nether and Upper Red Brooks, I got to the Boxing Gloves, so called for a rather obvious reason.

Kinder Boxing Glove stones

And from there I carried along to Ashop Head and Mill Hill. As I was walking up to Mill Hill I passed a guy who I'd seen earlier by the cabin I stopped at for lunch - he was most confused because he'd seen me walking eastwards down the path, and now I'd appeared in front of him about 3Km west of where he'd seen me last. After the usual pleasantries and the "What do the Ranger Service do?" conversation I beetled off down the Pennine Way back to Snake Summit, only to find when I got back to the Briefing Centre at Bottoms that the gate was locked and I couldn't get in! These Assistant Rangers can be so unreliable at times, can't they Andy ;-)

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