Getting black in The Blacks

In the interests of reducing the usefulness of the Internet even further I offer up the details of part of my Easter weekend. I promise to include at least one reference to chocolate, plenty of information about where I was, and absolutely nothing about Java. Here we go...

On Friday afternoon I took my two kids out for a walk to try to spot some Arctic hares - as anyone who has read my blog before know I have a bit of a soft spot for them. We drove up to Woodhead tunnel, parked up and set off up Far Black Clough. The weather was OK when we started, a bit overcast but dry. By the time we got up towards Featherbed Moss we'd see half a dozen hares - lots of 'Oohs' and 'Aahs' from the kids as they watched them through the binoculars. As we headed further up Far Black Clough the clag descended rapidly, and by the time we reached Bleaklow Stones visibility was down to 40-50 metres or so. The temperature had dropped and there was a brisk westerly so we didn't linger and set off towards Near Bleaklow Stones.

The Blacks

Once we got to Near Bleaklow Stones we hunkered down amongst the rocks to get out of the wind and broke out the bananas and chocolate bars (see, I said I'd mention chocolate).

We then wandered over to take a look a the Boulton Paul Defiant wreck a couple of hundred metres from the stones. - "It was like this when we found it Dad - honest!" After spending a few minutes at the wreck we headed west towards Far Black Clough, which was a welcome relief as once we were across it and on the path we were out of the wind.

The Blacks The Blacks The Blacks

It's been reasonably wet over the last week, and this path is a bit boggy at the best of times. The promise of the remaining chocolate bar to the first one to spot the first tree of Birchen Bank Wood was more than enough to ensure rapid progress. As we headed down the path back towards Woodhead tunnel I kept expecting the cloud to lift as we got lower, but in fact it had dropped right down to the car park, so we were nearly at the bottom before we could see the trees and finish off the chocolate ration.

The Blacks The Blacks

I'm sure all parents know the almost magnetic attraction between small boys and dirt, it seems mine are particularly talented in this respect. The pair of peat-caked boots on the left were in fact brand new - this was their maiden voyage. "Mission accomplished Dad!".

Re: This has nothing whatsoever to do with Java, or Sun.

excellent posting! i feel much better informed about java, now! are your kids equipped with RMI-based polling and event-handling mechanisms?

Re: This has nothing whatsoever to do with Java, or Sun.

RMI - that's "Remote Mother Instructions" isn't it? Yep, my wife has a loud voice, good for at least 1/4 mile I'd guess. "James! Mark! Have you tidied your room/done your homework/cleaned your teeth!" I'd say they were both fully RMI-compliant - well, *some* of the time anyway.