Kernel engineers in the great outdoors.

Last Wednesday Gary and myself went for a walk to see the aircraft wreck at Higher Shelf Stones - he'd seen the earlier writeup on my blog and wanted to go and see it. The weather was a bit iffy - visibility down to 20m once we got up to the top of Crooked Clough, with a very strong wind. We found the trig point at Higher Shelf Stones, and took the obligatory photos to prove we'd been there.

Higher Shelf Stones Higher Shelf Stones

The wreck is a few hundred metres north of the trig, so we wandered over to have a look - Gary has some photos over here in his blog. The rest of the walk across to Dowstone Clough, Dog Rock, Torside Castles then off over Glossop Low was all in the clag, which was a pity for Gary as we got to see bugger all. For me it was a good navigation exercise :-) As we were walking over towards Glossop Low a grouse shot out from under Gary's feet, half a second later and he'd have trodden on it. It had built it's nest right on the line of the path, and was sitting on a clutch of about a dozen eggs. Just proves what incredibly stupid birds they are. We didn't take a photo as it was pretty cold and windy and we didn't want the eggs to get chilled. See how environmentally sensitive we are :-)

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Alan: my compliments on your hat selection.