A birthday bash

Yesterday it was my friend Sylvia's 60th birthday, so a number of us from the two Samba bands that Sylvia plays in (Ruidogrande and Zambura), met round at a friends house for a surprise birthday party. The cover story was that Sylvia was being taken out by her daughters for a meal, and they were popping in to say hello to an old family friend on the way. We all hid in the garden round the back of the house and as she came through the gate kicked off with a Samba Reggae. Sylvia's a pretty composed lady, and the look of utter surprise on her face was priceless. We ate, drank and jammed until eventually one of the neighbours asked us to shut up. A great evening and one I'll remember for a long time, many thanks to Rosemary for allowing us to use her house and annoy her neighbours :-)

Also on the Samba front, I went with Laszlo to see Esquilo Atomico play on Sunday evening in Manchester. The band is made up of people who have just completed Dudu Tucci's Roots of Brazil course. They were extremely good. Laszlo (who teaches us) is on the course at the moment. I recognised some of the stuff we've been learning recently, although I think it will take us some time to reach the same standard!

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