Website registration and avoiding spam

I occasionally want to visit a website (e.g. The New York Times that requires registration, and I object to having to give out my personal details and email address - I already get quite enough spam. I've come across the following services that can help out:

  • bugmenot provides a pool of pre-registered usernames and passwords to commonly accessed websites. If you are feeling altruistic you can add your own for others to use.
  • spamgourmet provides disposable email addresses - the first 3 emails sent to the disposable address are forwarded to your real email address, subsequent ones are discarded.
  • mailinator provides another source of disposable email addresses, but with this site you don't even have to register first, you just make up an address and then go to the website to view the mails.

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Rio meets the Highlands

I'm part of a local Samba band, and now summer is here (hah!) we are in the thick of our gig season. We rely on performance fees collected over the summer to keep us going over the winter months. Yesterday we played at St Swithun's Community Centre in Wakefield. The weather was pretty poor, but at one point we had a group of 8-10 year old majorettes dancing round and round us as we played, which was kinda nice.

Today we played at Tameside Canal Festival at Portland Basin in Ashton. This event happens each year and is in aid of Willow Wood Hospice which cares for terminally ill people in the area. Just as we ended our first set it started to rain, so we played the second set inside the marquee. Danny who dances with us on occasion was there, and he got all the kids (and a few adults!) up and dancing round the marquee in a huge conga. To top it off, a bagpiper in full highland regalia who was also playing at the festival came in and started jamming with us on our last number. Mixing Samba and bagpipes is not entirely unknown - there is a band called MacUmba who specialise in Brazilian/Scottish fusion. I thought we played pretty damn well, and when we finished to cheers of 'More! More! Encore!" it topped off what was a really enjoyable gig. As soon as we finished James and I had to dash off to get him to his swimming test, so I'll find out if we managed to attract any new members at the next practice on Tuesday.

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