Website registration and avoiding spam

I occasionally want to visit a website (e.g. The New York Times that requires registration, and I object to having to give out my personal details and email address - I already get quite enough spam. I've come across the following services that can help out:

  • bugmenot provides a pool of pre-registered usernames and passwords to commonly accessed websites. If you are feeling altruistic you can add your own for others to use.
  • spamgourmet provides disposable email addresses - the first 3 emails sent to the disposable address are forwarded to your real email address, subsequent ones are discarded.
  • mailinator provides another source of disposable email addresses, but with this site you don't even have to register first, you just make up an address and then go to the website to view the mails.

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Re: Website registration and avoiding spam

So why does your blog require real name and email, then? :-) But I always register to those things as a 105-year old woman from Afghanistan.

Re: Website registration and avoiding spam

It doesn't require registration, but I reserve the right to delete anonymous posts ;-)