One problem solved, another remains

Well, my third eTrex arrived today, a nice new one and so far it seems fine - despite the abysmal weather I took a stroll to try it out. I'm still puzzling over exactly where the Bleaklow fence line goes between Shining Clough and Woodhead, so I parked up above Woodhead tunnel and walked up onto the Trans Pennine Trail (the old turnpike road) then wandered westwards towards Woodhead Bridge. That gave me a chance to reccie the other side of the valley and figure out where the fence goes. It appears to come down to the Longdendale trail along Smithy Clough, but I've still no clear idea of where it goes between Stable Clough and Shining Clough. One of the nice things with the Summit is you can use it for doing resections - because it has a built-in compass you can mark your current position, then take a bearing from where you are and project another waypoint along it. If you do this three times from different vantage points and join up the three resulting lines (dead easy in OziExplorer - just set up three two-waypoint routes and display them),you get the traditional 'cocked hat' that shows you where the point of interest is.

As I said in my original post, I'd also paid £20.00 to Geomantics for some cleaned-up SRTM height data for OziExplorer. Well, it eventually arrived - in a format that's completely incompatible with OziExplorer, despite the website clearly saying " We supply geo-edited SRTM data in a suitable format ... for use with 3rd party programs such as Bryce, Terragen, OziExplorer, 3D Studio, Photoshop etc." Bollocks. It's supplied as 5km squares of 16-bit raw height data, and OziExplorer doesn't understand that format at all. Eventually, after repeated requests for information, Geomantics told me I had to download a 3d terrain modelling application, and a plugin, and re-reference and convert all the data - and I have 74 files worth, although I don't want it all. You'd need to have quite an in-depth knowledge of GIS and earth coordinate systems to be able to do this, which leaves me out. Needless to say, I've emailed them and the electronic payment service they use to ask for my money back, it will be interesting to see if I get it. I've also suggested that they remove the frankly untrue claim that the data can be used with OziExplorer from their website - if you get here via google and are intending to buy their data for use with OziExplorer, take my advice and don't.

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Re: One problem solved, another remains

You could always try the following alternative "lo-tech" GPS...

Re: One problem solved, another remains

Believe it or not, I know people who know people who do GIS for a living. Let me know what you have and what you need and I'll pass it along. - Stephen