An unhappy ending

As I noted in my last but one post a walker disappeared on Bleaklow on Tuesday, and there has been a huge effort to find him by the Peak District Mountain Rescue folks. They were back out yesterday, and unfortunately located a body which turned out to be that of the missing walker, Peter Henshaw. He was found in Yellowslacks, which is only about 2 km from my house, and from figuring out his probable route it is clear he was trying to get off the hill, and he nearly made it as well. I was probably less than 500 m from where he was when I was out on Thursday, as I came partways down Dowstone Clough before cutting across Harrop Moss to Glossop Low, in fact I toyed with the idea of taking the path down Lightside to get back home, which would have taken me within a few hundred metres of where he was.

Very sad :-(

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Re: An unhappy ending

So what happened to him? Heart attack?

Re: An unhappy ending

I'm not sure, but bearing in mind the weather I suspect it was exposure.