A walk and a new desktop background

I was supposed to be helping with the helicopter lift of heather brash onto Bleaklow again today, but because of high winds it was scrubbed. As I'd already booked the day off from work, I decided I'd go for a walk anyway. I walked up to Glossop Low, up to Wain Stones then off via the top of Dowstone Clough to Ferny Hole then down Shelf Benches. I was coming down Shelf Benches just before 4:00pm as the sun was beginning to set, and snapped this image - I particularly like the clouds. Apart from running a filter over it to remove the JPEG noise introduced by the camera, I've not manipulated it at all. I toyed with making the foreground a little less dark and increasing the saturation, but I quite like it as it is - it perfectly sums up the mood of approaching dusk on a blustery Peak District winters day. I've set it as my desktop background, the limited number of colours and bold contrasts work rather well.

Shelf Benches

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