US troops in Iraq orphan five kids

According to the BBC, on tuesday US troops in Iraq shot at a car approaching a checkpoint:

Inside the car were an Iraqi family of seven. The mother and father were killed but their five children in the backseat survived, one with a non-life threatening wound.

Pictures here

How much longer is this madness going to continue?

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Re: US troops in Iraq orphan five kids

We (Ukraine) taking out our troops from Iraq. Old president wanted to looks better in eyes of the USA and send our troops in Iraq. Our presence is symbolic (less than 1000 people) but recently dozen of our warriors was killed :( My advice to you, let you go to streets and protest about Iraq occupation. Request Bush immidiatly to take out army. Because his army killing civil citizens in Iraq. USA loose most important thing in democracy - lives of its citizens. And also US spending alot of money for Bush oil interests ...