Bob and Len's Dark Peak letter box

Ages ago, Bob asked me to put some information on my blog about his and Len's letterbox and I've been very laggardly in doing so - sorry Bob! By letterbox I don't mean one of these or even one of these! For those of you who are now thoroughly confused, letterboxing started on Dartmoor in 1854, and involves hiding a box containing a logbook somewhere (moderately!) accessible and challenging people to find it. There's a far newer form of this activity called geocaching that gives you a GPS coordinate to walk to, which is quite a bit easier to do, whereas letterboxing requires a fair degree of navigational expertise.

Bob's letterbox is on Mount Skip in the Dark Peak, and I've reproduced his map below:

Letterbox map

And here are his instructions:

  • Map: The Peak District Outdoor Leisure Map No. 1. Scale: 1:25000.
  • Bearings: All bearings are magnetic.
  • Area: Rough moorland and should only be attempted by experienced hill walkers.
  • Letter Box: Maintained by Bob and Len. Please leave the box covered as in photo, thank you.
  • Clue: A small isolated peat hag.

The photos referred to above are these ones below:

letterbox letterbox

And if you are wondering what Bob and Len look like, you'll have to visit their letterbox to find out, there's a photo of the dodgy duo inside ;-)

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Useful directory of online maps for the UK

While I was looking for the format of links to the OS GetAMap service for my last post I came across this useful list of online maps for the UK, which it seems has been lifted straight from Wikipedia - why they didn't just link to the Wikipedia page I have no idea. I particularly liked the content of the Magic website, which as Wikipedia says "is a web-based interactive map intended to bring together information on key environmental schemes and designations in one place", although the presentation is a bit clunky when compared to something as slick as Google maps, although Google in turn suffers from not being based on the OS mapping, so it's pretty useless outside of urban areas.

And by the way, if you do want to link to somewhere on the OS's GetAMap service, the format of the URL is
with the normal OS grid reference appended onto it, e.g.

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