Spooky game

The old game of 20 Questions, also known as "Animal, Vegetable or Mineral" was always a favourite way of passing long car journeys when I was a kid, and my kids in turn play it, although rather than being in the car it's usually whilst waiting for food to arrive in a pub or restaurant. Josh Simons points to an online version where the computer guesses and you provide the answers, and it's pretty spooky. Sometimes you can see the chain of questions zeroing in on the answer, but quite often it asks a series of seemingly random questions before startling you with the correct guess. Needless to say there is a neural net behind it which learns from previous sessions. Seemingly the online version has been around since 1995, so I'm not quite sure how I missed it. Kevin Kelly provides a history of the program, and what is really neat is you can buy a tennis-ball sized version for less than a tenner - I'm sorely tempted!

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