OpenCola V1.0

Open Cola

I noticed this post on Peter Parson's blog about Open Sourcing products such as ketchup and caffeinated, caramel-enhanced, carbonated beverages and Solaris, which prompted me to grab my OpenCola 1.0 can off the shelf in my office and post a scan of it to just to prove that truth is always stranger than fiction. I picked the can up at one of the OSCON conferences - from the © on the can it must have been the 2000 one. They were produced as a fundraiser for the FSF, and I picked one up because it had some Perl on the can ;-) Mine is unopened, but as the expiration date on the bottom of the can is January 2002 I think it will probably remain unopened! I just checked out the website URL on the can ( which now appears to be a site flogging cheap bedding - either the FSF has branched out into a whole new area of endeavour or someone somewhere needs to do some DNS cleanup.

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