Stealth samba

mouse mat

As anyone who plays samba knows, it's a bit of a noisy pursuit, and tamborim is especially so as it's so high-pitched. This makes practising at home a little problematic unless everyone in your household (and the surrounding households!) is completely deaf. I found a tip somewhere on the web that I thought I'd pass on - find an old mouse mat, put your tamborim on top of it, draw round and cut out a circle, making allowance for the wall thickness of the tamborim. Make sure it's a really snug fit, and push it inside the underneath of the skin. It barely affects the feel, and makes the tamborim much, much quieter, so you can practice your virada without being banished from the house. The best sort of mouse mats to use are the thick neoprene ones - as you can see a former employer of mine kindly provided me with one ;-) and it's also a good idea to thread a bit of string through two holes in the mat so you can get it out easily.

Categories : Drumming