Why I hate XML, and Ant's use of it in particular

I was googling around for examples of how to sign a JAR file in Ant using the signjar task and came across this monstrosity - 217 lines of turgid XML. How anyone can say Ant is an improvement over make is a mystery to me, and how anyone could ever think that XML is fit for consumption by humans is an even bigger mystery. XML is food for machines, not people. I sincerely hope that the current fad for doing everything in XML (and we have some examples close to home) is going to an early grave.

What I'm actually trying to do is to deploy an application via WebStart from within NetBeans - I've loaded up the NetBeans WebStart module but it really doesn't cut the mustard yet, it doesn't support JAR signing, it hard-codes the name of the JNLP file and it assumes you want a WAR file building. Here's hoping they make the necessary improvements in short order.

Categories : Java, Tech