May bank holiday busk

As I'd explained in a previous post, Meninos do Morumbi Oldham, the Samba band of which my son James and myself are members are going to be busking in Manchester on the last weekend of every month, with the money going to a housing project in Sao Paulo. Yesterday it was that busking time of the month again ;-) Kickoff was 11:30am at the junction of St Mary's Gate and Market Street, outside M&S in Manchester. We had an even better turnout than last time, especially of the dancers - Yay for the dancers! ;-). Unfortunately someone was already playing where we played last time, so we moved up to the other corner of M&S.


The M&S store manager appeared as we were setting up, but she was OK with us playing there after Leon explained we were only going to play 2 sets there before moving on up Market Street. Between when we started at about 12:00pm and when we finished at around 4:30pm we moved steadily up Market Street towards Piccadilly Gardens, playing a couple of times at each spot. On a couple of ocassions we caused Market Street (one of Manchester's main shopping precincts) to almost come to a standstill with a crowd of several hundred listening to us play, which was cool :-) Leon has been busking in Manchester for many years and he made a point of asking the street traders if they were OK with us playing before we started - the nice people in the burger van on the corner of Market Street and Spring Gardens got a large 'thank you' cheer as a result. Unfortunately the weather forecast was wrong and the Weather Gods frowned on us, so we got a bit wet as the day progressed, but hey, it's Manchester after all :-)

busking busking

We ended up in Piccadilly Gardens and I didn't think we would draw much of a crowd there, but people quickly appeared as we started to play - well I suppose we are rather loud :-) After we'd finished playing we took some photos for the band website that is going to be set up for us by the person who did the Brazilian Meninos do Morumbi website, if you haven't already done so you should check it out - click through the entrance page and click on the 'English' link on the bottom right of the page for all you non-Portuges speakers :-) After humping all the kit back down Market Street to Ian's van some of us decamped to a nearby hostelry to drink a well-deserved pint or two (sitting outside in the rain, under the 'sun' umbrellas over the tables - how very British ;-) before a curry in the Northern Quarter and then catching the train home.

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