Nice one, Team NetBeans!

Just read this glowing testimonial on The Inquirer for the NetBeans World Tour, which has reached Buenos Aires. I met Roumen Strobl briefly at the last Tech Day in London, and he seems like a really nice guy - I'm pleased to see he's even impressing those hard-nosed hacks over at The Inq ;-)

Although I work in the Solaris organisation, and I guess I am therefore supposed to be a C/make/vi bigot, I'm a bit of a NetBeans fan - I'm currently doing a lot of work on the OpenSolaris website, using NetBeans almost exclusively. I've used most of the NetBeans functionality - web development, Java application development and even J2ME, on both Solaris and "That other platform" ;-) and it's really nice to have a single, consistent development environment that works everywere I want to. I'm even trying to get my co-conspirator Gary to switch to the Dark Side ;-)

If I didn't want to get into trouble, I'd even say NetBeans is rather good ;-)

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Magic NetBeans logo

This video shows a guy called Marco Tempest doing some street magic with something that looks exactly like the NetBeans logo. Bizzare!

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