Someone's noticed our Open Source strategy...

Greg Luck has done an insightful writeup of Sun's Open Source Strategy:

For Sun rather than getting a large licensing revenue from a small number of customers, they potentially get a small amount from a large number. They will be getting money from me they never got before.


In summary, I think the totality of what Sun is doing amounts to a revolution. It may touch the lives of many of us. If it does the law of large numbers may see Sun's coffers brimming over with software and services revenue. I am not sure if this is Jonathan Schwartz's doing, but someone at Sun seems finally to have come up with a great software strategy.

Although Greg is primarily discussing our Application Server and Java strategies, it's really heartening to see someone outside Sun explaining what we are up to in such a lucid fashion. One of my long-term gripes about Sun is that although we've always had superb products, we've frankly sucked when it came to getting the message out about what we were doing. Looks like we are finally getting our act together!

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Re: Someone's noticed our Open Source strategy...

Well done to Sun, with the recent anouncement, hopefully people will finally realise what large contributions Sun has made to the community.