Facebook faces privacy questions

Just noticed this report on the BBC News website:

Facebook is to be quizzed about its data protection policies by the Information Commissioner's Office.

The investigation follows a complaint by a user of the social network who was unable to fully delete their profile even after terminating their account. Currently, personal information remains on Facebook's servers even after a user deactivates an account.

Facebook has said it believes its policy is in "full compliance with UK data protection law".

"We take the concerns of the ICO [Information Commissioner's Office] and our user's privacy very seriously and are committed to working with the ICO to maintain a trusted environment for all Facebook users and ensure compliance with UK law," said a statement from the site.

That'll be me they are talking about...

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Re: Facebook faces privacy questions

Alan, that's great work. Glad to see that the ICO is taking this seriously enough to investigate - please keep us all posted on any developments; I've linked back here: http://stevenmansour.com/writings/2008/january/19/breaking%3A_facebook_questioned_ico