Simple parser for MovableType exports

As part of moving my blog over to I needed to be able to transfer the content from my old MovableType blog and my blog, which runs on Roller. Both MT and Roller can export in MovableType export format and Pebble has a MT importer, so it looked relatively straightforward. However when I looked at the content I was importing it was clear I'd need to munge it on its way into Pebble. The Pebble MT importer is one-pass and loads the entries into Pebble as it reads them, whereas I wanted to read them in, munge them and only then load them into Pebble, so I wrote a simple parser to read in the MT export. It's not a thing of great beauty but it got the job done. I thought it might be useful for other people who want to read MovableType exports from Java, so I've put a copy of it here.

Categories : Java, Web, Tech