As it says, "Beautiful light performance"

Well, we did our first performance with the LED strips on Wednesday at Islington Mill in Manchester,and I'm relieved to say they worked flawlessly, even after one of the wheels was dropped just before the performance started! The lighting in the venue was a bit too bright to make a good video, so Andy made a video of the strips in action at Thursday's Travelling Light Circus rehearsal which he's put up on YouTube. Even though I say it myself, I think it's rather good :-)

Seeing the strips in use by the talented TLC performers just gives them an entirely different dimension, and I think the video is really well done as well. For me, one of the best bits of the project has been the opportunity to work with people who have an artistic clue :-)

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Re: As it says, "Beautiful light performance"

 you're too modest, Alan, that's an awesome result!

ive been pondering the possibility of finding & collaborating with some 'arty types' too...

pity there was no credit for you in the credits :-(