Grouse chicks

Grouse Chicks

I was out on patrol a couple of weeks ago on a rather blustery Saturday, and a hen grouse took off from right under my feet. Normally when they go up they call loudly, but this time the bird did the 'I have a broken wing' thing, so I guessed she might be on a nest. Sure enough, less than a meter away was a depression in the ground with around 8-10 chicks in it, all sitting perfectly still and quiet, and incredibly well camouflaged. I fumbled for my camera, but by the time I'd got it ready one of the chicks went 'chirup' and they all scattered from the nest. As it wasn't a particularly warm day I moved away quickly to let mum come back and gather them up, cursing my fumbling as I'd not got a picture.

About 15 minutes later, the same thing happened again - mum went up and there was another group of chicks, only about 4-5 this time, and I still had my camera out, took a quick shot and moved on as they'd already started to scatter. I think they are kinda cute :-)