Rohan? Rubbish

Rohan clothing = expensive, utter junk. Over the last couple of years I've been bought two Rohan products as presents by my mother, a Rohan Daybreak down vest and a Rohan long sleeved shirt. About one inch of the vest zip has pulled clean out of the rest of the garment half way down the front. On careful examination I can see that about an inch of the back edge of the zip has been cut off during manufacture and as a result the zip fabric has shredded and pulled out of the garment. That's already in the bin. The shirt has turned into a pilled static-laden mess and is also destined for the bin as it's unwearable,

Considering how much the clothing costs the quality is awful. The products may look nice on a hanger, or if all you want is to ponce around in a wine bar, but if my experience is anything to go by they clearly aren't serious outdoor equipment. Anyone thinking about buying Rohan should save their money and buy something else, you can buy something for less than half the price and still end up with significantly better quality.

Save your money, avoid

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every time you publish or update a post, Google Reader (soon to rest in peace, but currently what I use) flags a whole bunch of your articles as new.  Last update got me five, all of which I'd read already.  Not sure whether it's a Reader problem or whatever's generating your feed is inappropriately changing publish dates or otherwise corrupting RSS.  Just a heads up.



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Hi Chris, thanks for the heads-up. Which one of the feeds are you using? I'll add my feed to my GReader set and see if I can spot what's happening. I updated my blog software over Easter which may be why you've seen all the re-notifications, plus I'd had problems with the comment indexes under the previous version. Those seem to have gone now I've upgraded so it *may* have fixed the problem.